What to know about Organic Vitamin C Face Serum

An Organic Vitamin C Face Serum is a potent concentrate of active ingredients that targets specific skincare concerns such as dark spots, anti-aging, acne, clogged pores, redness, and uneven skin tone.

It penetrates deeply into the skin, which makes it much more powerful and effective than other body care products.

If you’re looking to amp up your skincare routine with a product that offers a bigger, more powerful dose of active ingredients than a cleanser or moisturizer, a face serum may be the answer.

Designed to nourish, protect, and hydrate your skin, face serum is a great next step after cleansing and before moisturizing.

Let’s get into the benefits of using a face serum and how different kinds of serums can benefit your skin. 


What is Face Serum?

“Serums are thin-viscosity topical products that contain concentrated amounts of active ingredients.

The concept with serum is that larger amounts of active molecules will potentially penetrate the skin’s surface for optimum effectiveness. Also, due to the higher concentration.

It typically takes a shorter amount of time to see visible results.

Many people wonder why they can’t just use a moisturizer or face cream on their skin in place of a serum.

While there is no hard and fast rule, research from 2011Trusted Source suggests using both, and layer accordingly.

Because the serum is lighter and delivers active ingredients to the skin quickly, it goes on first, after you’ve cleansed your skin. 

But you also need to seal the serum to maximize the benefits, which is why a moisturizer or face cream is the next step.

Think of a serum as the secret weapon for treating skin issues like discoloration, dullness, fine lines, or acne — and a moisturizer as the key to hydrating your skin.

What are the benefits?

If you use a face serum that’s well suited to the type of issue you want to address, a serum can have numerous benefits.

Let’s look more closely at some of the key benefits of adding this product to your skincare routine.

Benefits of Face Serum

Absorbs quickly into your skin. Serums are lighter skincare formulations than moisturizers. The thinner viscosity allows the serum to be absorbed more easily into your skin. This makes a face serum an ideal first step in the layering process.

Soothes sensitive skin. Serums, with their light preparations, are often better for individuals with acne-prone or oily skin types, according to Dr. Melanie Palm, board-certified dermatologist at Art of Skin.

Improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Some face serums contain ingredients like retinol that may help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Protects your skin from free radicals and future damage. Serums with ingredients like vitamin C, vitamin E, ferulic acid, green tea, resveratrol, and astaxanthin help prevent oxidative damage from ultraviolet (UV) light and pollution, which can lead to premature skin aging and wrinkles.

It has the potential to provide more visible results. The higher concentration of active ingredients may provide more visible results, compared with other types of skin products.

Feels light on your skin. Because they absorb quickly into your skin, a face serum doesn’t feel heavy or greasy.

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